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    About the Firm

    Badu Tax Services, LLC is a tax firm that offers a comprehensive set of tax services including tax preparation, tax planning, and tax representation. Whether you're an individual with a fairly simple tax situation or a business owner that requires more in-depth analysis, we can help you maximize your tax savings and minimize your tax liability. The firm's mission is to help you maximize your financial security.

    Meet the Founder

    Jeff Badu is the Founder & CEO of Badu Tax Services, LLC. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the state of Illinois. He has several years of tax experience including preparing taxes for individuals and small businesses. No matter what your needs are, he can help you solve them. Not only can he prepare your taxes, but he can also provide you with strategic tax planning solutions to help maximize your tax savings and provide you with tax representation on any matters before the IRS. Furthermore, he is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. For a full host of services the firm offers, please take a look at the "Services" section.


    Below are the tax services we offer.

    Tax Preparation

    We offer tax preparation services to individuals and businesses. Some forms include, but are not limited to, Form 1040 (Individual Tax Return), Form 1065 (Partnership), Form 1120 (Corporation), Form 1120S (S Corporation), and Form 990 (Tax Exempt Organizations). Whether you have a simple tax return or a highly complex one, we can help.

    Tax Planning

    Tax planning simply helps you save money. Whether you’re looking for the most tax advantageous ways to save for retirement or are expecting to get married, we can help determine the tax implications. A tax planning engagement can include a specific transaction or a multitude of transactions throughout a specified period of time. Year-round tax planning is also available.

    Tax Representation

    If the IRS comes knocking on your door, we can help. As a CPA firm, we can represent you on any matters before the IRS. Whether you're looking for someone to defend you in the event of an IRS audit or looking to settle a tax debt with the IRS, let’s talk.


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